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The study and application of different areas of technology by specialists.
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Applying our experience and capacity to create and innovate, we provide professional services in the areas of industrial engineering, telecommunications, civil engineering and agricultural engineering.

Based on the Integral Project Management approach, the professional services provided by the engineering department include all of the stages of the project (consultancy studies, the design and drafting of projects, basic and detailed engineering, obtaining licences and permits, managing the contracting and construction process, technical coordination, supervision and inspection, site management and assistance with commissioning), covering the following areas:


Development of industrial estates.

Transformation centres.

Low and medium voltage electricity installations.

Design of complete industrial plants.

Industrial installations.

Installations in buildings


Fuels (gas, petrol, etc.).

Plumbing, sanitation and hot water supplies.

Shared telecommunications infrastructures.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Fire protection systems.

Thermal and photovoltaic solar power.

Civil engineering


Housing developments.


Topography services.

Land consolidation.

Surveying and plot division.

Property value appraisals.

Livestock premises.

Health and safety

Health and safety plans.

Health and safety studies.

Health and safety coordination.