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The external circumstances or conditions that affect the development and activities of living beings.
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In order to reduce the impact of our work to a minimum, we cover all of the engineering and consultancy services associated with the environment.

Environmental engineering

We produce strategic plans, master plans and studies, and apply Integral Project Management in the following areas of environmental engineering:

Renewable energies.

Wind power.

Thermal and photovoltaic solar power.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency studies.

Energy audits.

Sustainable construction.

Water management

Drinking water treatment plants.

Sanitation and purification plants (EDARs).

Waste dumps and residues

Closing and sealing waste dumps.

Waste sealing facilities.

Recycling centres.

Environmental action projects

Environmental regeneration.

Recuperación de zonas naturais.

Recovery of natural areas.

Environmental consultancy services

In the environmental consultancy area, we provide the following services:

Environmental Assessment:

By carrying out an environmental assessment, it is possible to identify ways of improving projects in environmental terms and reducing or compensating adverse impact on the natural surroundings, with the services provided covering the whole of the Environmental Impact Evaluation procedure:

Environmental impact studies.

Environmental control plans.

Environmental and landscape integration projects.

Planning and management of natural spaces.

Environmental quality

The activities included in this area cover services connected with integral contamination controls (management plans, contamination reduction studies, sampling and identification), waste management, management of contaminated soils, water, noise, odours and atmospheric contamination.

Sustainable development
"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". (Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, 1987).

Sustainable development involves maintaining the balance between three interdependent areas: economic development, social development and protection of the environment. In order to achieve this balance, it is necessary to design, plan and carry out any type of activity by applying an approach that combines and integrates these three elements, meaning it is essential to involve a multi-disciplinary team capable of developing::

Strategic environmental assessments.

Sustainability strategies.

Sustainability reports.

Sustainable urban development.

Education and awareness plans for the general public.

Local Agenda 21.

Environmental management

An integral consultancy service covering all of the areas of environmental management:

Environmental audits.

Environmental management systems: ISO 14001, EMAS..

Obtaining and processing
integral environmental authorisations


The design and production of technical manuals and environmental training programmes based on the specific requirements of each project.